When your local gastroenterologist is a member of the GI Alliance (GIA), it means that your gastroenterology practice is supported by the nation’s largest and most reputable team of gastroenterology experts. The partnership between GI practices allows physicians to continue providing the highest-quality of personalized care to their patients while establishing an organization with the resources to provide the most innovative and superb care.

About GI Alliance

The largest, physician-led GI network in the US. GI Alliance is dedicated to exceptional care, positive outcomes, and patient satisfaction. With comprehensive gastrointestinal care, GI Alliance has +600 physicians operating at +300 locations in 15 states.

GI Alliance’s “patient first” approach is at the center of how the organization makes all company decisions. The firm sees the patient “experience” as the key focus of every department. Its top rated clinics and centers continually look to improve their service to patients at every touch point.

Waud Capitol, who holds a minority ownership, behind the physicians owner group provides financial backing for brand acquisitions. Currently over a dozen brands have joined the alliance to add their talents and strengths to the nation’s largest, independent GI network.

Dr. James (“Jim”) Weber, the CEO of GIA and President of TDDC, says “Our patients are at the heart of every strategic decision we make. Forming GI Alliance positions us not only to continue achieving superior clinical outcomes for our patients, but also to create operational efficiencies, to grow our footprint nationally with other like-minded practices, and to attract, retain, and appropriately compensate top physicians.”

As a part of GI Alliance, your local practice is able to offer:

  • A network of gastroenterology specialists from around the country
  • Comprehensive care for every age
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Access to most insurances accepted and self-pay options
  • Industry leading research in GI health

All of our offices are passionate about providing for your digestive health needs.

Our GI Alliance partner practices are proud to offer state-of-the-art, compassionate care. By sharing knowledge and investing in research, GI Alliance empowers our physicians in advancing the field of gastroenterology and improving patient quality of life.

What you can expect at your appointment:

  • Dedication to compassionate, comprehensive care and outcomes
  • Highly qualified clinicians
  • Cutting-edge equipment and facilities
  • Access to the latest medical procedures and treatments
  • Friendly, welcoming staff
  • A relaxed, professional atmosphere