When Should You Visit A GI Doctor for Hemorrhoids?


At Texas Digestive Disease Consultants, we regularly meet individuals grappling with the discomfort of hemorrhoids. Characterized by inflamed veins in the lower section of the rectum or anus, these can usher in symptoms like pain, itching, and sometimes, even bleeding. If overlooked, the situation might escalate to more intricate health concerns. Texas Digestive Disease Consultations stands committed to illuminating the landscape of hemorrhoids. Dive in with us as our renowned GI professionals across Texas break down this topic and emphasize timely medical attention.

What are the different types of hemorrhoids?

While the concept of hemorrhoids might sound straightforward, they can appear in a couple of distinct types:

  • External hemorrhoids: Residing just below the skin near the anus, these can often be a source of acute discomfort.
  • Internal hemorrhoids: Situated inside the rectum, their pain threshold might be higher, but they're more susceptible to instances of bleeding.

Understanding what type of hemorrhoid you may be experiencing can help you seek out the proper medical intervention.

Is self-healing a possibility for hemorrhoids?

Many are left pondering if hemorrhoids can heal of their own accord. While certain mild hemorrhoids may wane without medical interference, it's always prudent to have a GI expert in your corner to help you achieve optimal health outcomes.

When should you see a doctor for hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids, with their persistence, can throw off your day-to-day equilibrium. Warning bells like consistent rectal bleeding or continued discomfort should propel you toward a gastroenterology specialist, like our Texas GI doctors, for a thorough evaluation. Depending on your unique case profile, the adept team at Texas Digestive Disease Consultants might propose the following:

  • Use of targeted ointments for relief
  • Invigorating warm baths
  • Pivoting to a diet brimming with fiber
  • Procedures like hemorrhoid banding
  • Surgical interventions in extreme cases

Patients suffering from internal hemorrhoids often find relief through heightened fiber intake. Yet, in critical scenarios, surgical interventions might be necessary.

Our GI doctors are poised to tailor-make a treatment plan for you. Proactive steps can help you steer clear of many hemorrhoid-related complications.

Find hemorrhoid relief in Texas

Letting hemorrhoids go untreated isn't always in one's best interest. Proactivity, coupled with early expert intervention, can keep you in control of your health narrative. Should you find yourself experiencing hemorrhoid indicators, reach out to a Texas Digestive Disease Consultants location in your area. A precise diagnosis from our GI specialists can ensure you're on the right path toward healing. Contact any of our Texas locations to learn more.

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