When Your Abdominal Pain Becomes Serious Enough for Medical Care

Everybody gets abdominal pain from time to time. Sometimes, the cause may be something as small as having too much for dinner or sleeping funny the night before. Other times, though, the situation may be more serious than you think. If you believe that your abdominal pain is out of the ordinary or unusually persistent, seeking medical care is the first step to staying safe and healthy. You should always ask the advice of a medical expert, but there are six factors to keep in mind if you are unsure of your situation.

  1. Your pain lasts more than a few hours. Feeling bloated after a big dinner or tight after a workout are both common occurrences that usually disappear after a few hours. If your stomach pain lasts you more than six hours straight, you may be the victim of something more serious.
  2. Your pain correlates to eating. Overeating with ice cream or a whole bag of potato chips can cause an uncomfortable feeling. If your abdominal pain occurs after eating any meal, though, something bigger may be going on. If you cannot eat without pain, you should consult a gastroenterologist for a diagnosis.
  3. Your pain is concentrated in one area. Usually, pain tends to move and disappear after a few hours. If your stomach hurts in the same area chronically, and especially so in the lower right abdomen, you should seek medical attention immediately. It is never safe to ignore undiagnosed stomach pain.
  4. Your pain interferes with your digestion. Whether or not you have regular bowel movements, keeping track of what is “normal” for you can help determine when something isn’t. If your digestive system is severely irregular or if your bowel movements have stopped altogether, call a gastroenterologist.
  5. Your pain causes other side effects. Stomach pain is one thing, but stomach pain accompanied by a fever, vomiting, blood, or any other abnormal circumstance means that something uncommon is happening. Stomach pain should not cause an influx of other side effects unless your doctor assures you it is okay.
  6. Your pain causes you alarm. Above anything else, if your abdominal pain causes you stress or worry, do not hesitate to call a medical professional for their diagnosis. Your well-being should be your primary concern, which means that you should never live with the stress or anxiety of what your pain may mean.

No one deserves to live with unwarranted stomach pain, especially if it disrupts your everyday life and causes you unnecessary stress. Let the board certified gastroenterologists at Texas Digestive Disease Consultants diagnose and treat your unique abdominal pain. To learn more, visit https://www.tddctx.com/.