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Texas Digestive Disease Consultants - Houston, TX

Gastroenterology in Houston, TX

Texas Digestive Disease Consultants - Houston, TX

4100 S Shepherd Dr

Houston, TX 77098

Open today 7:30AM - 4 PM

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About Isaac Raijman, M.D.

Why did you choose to specialize in Gastroenterology?

I was most attracted to Gastroenterology for two main reasons: one to take care of healthy and sick patients and two the combination of endoscopy to allow a very different perspective in the approach to both health and disease. I was also attracted by the large variety the gastrointestinal tract offers. That is, the multitude of organs that can be studied. Gastroenterology also offers the opportunity of immediate healing, chronic management of disease or health maintenance and the possibility of helping through nutrition and not only pharmacology.

Do you have a specialty of interest within GI?

My approach is patient-centered, with application of best-practice medicine integrated with knowledge and skills acquired over many years of clinical practice.  I offer less invasive treatments through the most advanced endoscopic and medical interventions.  My goal is to provide compassionate care, comprehensive diagnosis and management within an atmosphere of comfort and trust for my patients.
I specialize in: Upper Endoscopy & Colonoscopy, Endoscopic removal of large and complicated polyps, ERCP: Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography, Cholangioscopy (Spyglass), Pancreatoscopy (Spyglass), Endoscopic management of complex gastrointestinal disorders, Endoscopic management of complex pancreatobiliary disorders, EUS: Endoscopic Ultrasound, Endoscopic management of Obesity, Endoscopic management of bariatric complications, Endoscopic management of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), Endoscopic management of cancer complications, Endoscopic management of Barrett’s esophagus, and Endoscopic management of Zenker’s diverticulum.

Where did you study?

Medical School at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Internship in Internal Medicine, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Milwaukee Clinical Campus, University of Wisconsin
Residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center, Milwaukee Clinical Campus, University of Wisconsin
Fellowship at Department of Gastroenterology, University of Texas at Houston, and Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy, The Wellesley Hospital, Toronto, Canada

What certifications do you hold?

Board certified in Gastroenterology

What do you and your family enjoy doing in your spare time?

I am an artistic painter, something I have done since my early teens. I like to exercise both indoors and outdoors, and I like to travel. In addition, I enjoy gardening, am an avid book reader and like everything about wines, from making to drinking.

Do you have any special honors or recognition in your medical career that you would like to share?

Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine
Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Texas in Houston

  • Honors and Awards:
    Senior Resident Award for Excellence in Clinical
    Education, Mount Sinai Medical Center, 1987
    Outstanding Senior Assistant Resident
    Mount Sinai Medical Center, 1986-1987
    Best Medical Student of the Year 1980-1982
    National Autonomous University of Mexico
    Best Doctors in America 1996-2014
    Who is Who, International 1997-2017
    Who is Who in America 1996-2017
    Who is Who in Medicine and Healthcare 2000-2017
    Who is Who in Sciences and Engineering 1996-2017
    Who is Who in the South West 1997-2017
    Leading Physicians of the world Award, 2012-2014
    Top 10 Doctor Award, 2013-2017
    Excellence in Teaching Award, Baylor College of Medicine, 2010

Do you fluently speak any other languages in addition to English?

Spanish, Hebrew, Yiddish

Please list your professional affiliations.

International Association of Pancreatology
American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
American Gastroenterological Association
Houston Gastroenterological Association
American College of Gastroenterology
American Society of Internal Medicine
Texas Society of Internal Medicine
Harris County Medical Society
Texas Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
Southern Medical Association
American Society for the Advances of Sciences
Asociacion Mexicana de Endoscopia
Asociacion Venezolana de Endoscopia Gastrointestinal
Asociacion Venezolana de Gastroenterologia


I tried to do a telehealth video with Dr Raijman, only because I live 2 hrs away. All I had was my phone, which his nurse said was fine. When he came on the video chat, he messaged me. Asked if I could hear him. I heard some noises but not his voice. So I answered yes I can. He asked if I was on a computer. To which I said No I’m on my phone. From the little I could see his face, he seemed aggravated. Then, my phone screen went dark. My phone then rang, and he was calling me. I guess the technology for the video app wasn’t working. He asked me what I needed. So I felt a bit like I was disturbing him. I said this is my 3 month follow up visit that you requested. He said ok how are things going? After only about 3 minutes of explanation, he said just need to increase your RX dose. Then, I assumed I was on hold. I was talking, but there was no response. After 8 minutes I hung up and called back. All I got was the answering service. The Doctor never tried to call me back. And, I had just paid $145 for this video call. So, I was a bit angry, but decided I’d call back in the morning. Thanks to his nurse who communicated with me and him, I finally was able to explain my problems, and she was able to get me some answers. I’m glad his staff are so good at patient communication and actually seem to care. Maybe it’s just that technology doesn’t work when you need it to. And maybe he hates technology much like I do. If he hadn’t offered to me to do telehealth because I live so far away, I would have found a way to get to his office. This is a perfect example of how technology can either send the wrong message, or not send it at all. I just know it cost me $145.

R.S. Google

He was fast, effective, and professional in every way.

D.G. Google

Dr. Raijman always thorough and honest with his explanations.

B.C. Google

Very professional and polite. Both the doctor and staff. This is my second time using him. Quick responses. I recommend him.

G.S. Google

Dr Raijman is one of the nicest Dr I had the pleasure of seeing. He took my health and wellness very seriously. I received top knotch care at his facility. Staff was caring and on point.

N.E. Google


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