Patient Reviews

The providers and staff at Texas Digestive Disease Consultants know that one of the best ways to find a doctor is through reviews. Thanks to the many patients we have served throughout the years, we have compiled a host of reviews for your benefit. We encourage you to read what our patients have to say below to find out if our network of gastrointestinal specialists is right for you. We look forward to serving you at one of our Texas locations soon!

Reviews for TDDC BS & W Medical Center

5.0 Review from C.F. Source: Google Sep 27 2023

"The staff and doctor were very nice"

5.0 Review from J.F. Source: Google Sep 22 2023

"I have IBS with bloating. I have seen 3 doctors, one a GI specialist, and a Nutritionist with no improvement. My primary care doctor recommended Dr Ravi Chittajallu and I set up an appointment. I told my best friend and she said Dr Ravi solved her problem in one visit. Dr Ravi examined me at the Allen, Texas office on August 29, 2023. He was easy to talk to and listened to my concerns and problems. Dr Ravi reviewed my Xrays and Colonoscopy and prescribed a change in medications for my IBS. Since then I have had daily BM's and he has my bloating almost cured. His staff is excellent and friendly. Dr Chittajallu is the best and a very nice person."

5.0 Review from T.D. Source: Google Sep 13 2023

"Dr. Ravi has been a Godsend since he first started my GI care years ago. I am thankful to have a doctor care and advocate for me."

5.0 Review from M.M. Source: Google Sep 12 2023


5.0 Review from J.J. Source: Google Sep 12 2023

"Very pleasant atmosphere. Dr Adams was quite knowledgeable about my health issues. She listened to my concerns. The office staff was very courteous and efficient."

5.0 Review from J.R. Source: Google Aug 11 2023

"On time, no waiting, professional and listened. Staff and Doctor were extremely. pleasant"

5.0 Review from D.C. Source: Google Aug 11 2023

"I had a very good appointment with Dr. Chittajalla who explained the procedure and I felt comfortable with it."

5.0 Review from D.G. Source: Google Aug 05 2023

"Everyone was kind & cheerful. I highly recommend this facility."

5.0 Review from J.D. Source: Google Aug 04 2023

"Very professional and kind! Dr. Adams listens."

5.0 Review from D.R. Source: Google Aug 04 2023

"Prompt, clear, concise, professional and friendly."

5.0 Review from D.“. Source: Google Jul 18 2023

"The 1st impression is the Best impression and all was all good for me being this was the 1st time in life had been to this type of health care provider 💯💯💯💯"

5.0 Review from P.E. Source: Google Jul 13 2023

"On time I trust my Dr, the office staff is excellent and the follow up is excellent"

5.0 Review from J.S. Source: Google Jul 12 2023

"Loved Dr. Adams!"

5.0 Review from S.T. Source: Google Jul 11 2023

"The nurses were very friendly and caring and the anesthesiologist took her time explaining why she was there for me during my procedure, as well as taking the time to talk with me about different subjects while preparing for the procedure."

5.0 Review from T.J. Source: Google Apr 25 2023

"Great service!"

5.0 Review from S.W. Source: Google Jan 25 2023

"Very good."

5.0 Review from A.T. Source: Google Dec 25 2022

"The P.A. was attentive and LISTENED!! My husband, who was looking for a digestive dr. found that this place evened had his records from Houston!"

5.0 Review from M.C. Source: Google Dec 25 2022

"They take good care of me"

4.0 Review from C.D. Source: Google Dec 25 2022

"Just did my last & final follow up visit with the P.A. Khoi Lang. The only reason that I am giving 4 stars is because I wasn’t able to get a diagnosis or explanation for what was causing my GI symptoms. But overall I am satisfied with the care that I received. My colonoscopy detected 2 polyps but no cancer, & everything else was ruled out. So at least I was able to find comfort in that."

5.0 Review from A.L. Source: Google Nov 25 2022

"Great office staff"

5.0 Review from D.L. Source: Google Nov 25 2022

"Great experience! Super kind staff"

4.0 Review from D.N. Source: Google Nov 25 2022

"My original review was two stars, I changed it to 4 because the manager made a point of calling me and explaining the shortness of staff,(which unfortunately is happening all over) I do appreciate her for taking the time and to apologize on this matter. She is in the process of hiring additional customers service employees. Thank you Kerri"

5.0 Review from P.D. Source: Google Sep 25 2022

"Excellent professional service!"

5.0 Review from G.H. Source: Google Sep 25 2022

"Very thorough and caring"

5.0 Review from I.J. Source: Google Sep 25 2022

"One visit to this clinic and it is as though I have been healed of my longtime digestive issues. They are the greatest!"

5.0 Review from C.S. Source: Google May 25 2022

"Dr Rendon and his staff are very professional and caring. We've been with them for over 10 years now."

5.0 Review from C.D. Source: Google May 25 2022

"Diagnosed with Diverticulitis, the consultation was excellent, very professional, and they gave me great tips on diet and prevention."

5.0 Review from C.M. Source: Google May 25 2022

"They are wonderful there. They listen to me and tell me what I should do. Every time I have been I have a great experience with them. I see Dr. Rendon and he is wonderful."

5.0 Review from D. Source: Google May 25 2022

"Dr Padda was recommended by a nurse friend. This was my 1st colonoscopy. The care was fantastic at McKinney surgery center: on time, friendly, good bedside support. I met Dr Padda just before procedure, he addressed my questions before we started, walked thru what would happen. Next thing I knew I was waking in recovery."

5.0 Review from J.H. Source: Google May 25 2022

"Excellent marks on every area of service."

5.0 Review from J.C. Source: Google May 25 2022

"Professional team, great communication, and would highly recommend!"

5.0 Review from L.H. Source: Google May 25 2022

"These professionals saved my life."

5.0 Review from R.C. Source: Google May 25 2022

"Excellent experience. Doctors, nurses and staff were caring and professional. Would absolutely recommend them to anyone."

5.0 Review from S.P. Source: Google May 25 2022

"Entire team was very professional and caring. Was treated well and informed about everything going on. Follow up call the next day was nice and ensured all questions were answered."

5.0 Review from M.T. Source: Google May 26 2021

"Dr Fajardo is professional and takes the time to talk with you. He takes all precautions to diagnose your health issues. I recommend Dr Fajardo."

5.0 Review from B.L. Source: Google May 25 2021

"Dr. Fajardo is one of the best doctors I have ever had. I has been his patient for 4 years. He is a very smart person and always prompt to find an answer for my digestive situation. He treats his patients with respect and dignity. Also, he surround himself with a very caring and qualified staff. I highly recommend him. Barbara Leon"

5.0 Review from B.R. Source: Google May 25 2021

"PA Trinh was very professional and provided very good information. He also requested the proper tests for my condition and provided the correct treatment. Does an excellent job."

5.0 Review from C.P. Source: Google May 25 2021

"Excellent bedside manners, patient, clear, great listener. This is the best doctor I have come across."

5.0 Review from A.P. Source: Google May 25 2021

"I was so pleased with Dr. Mathews. His staff support were so kind and helpful. I was already nervous going in. Dr. Mathews was very thorough. He took his time and treated you as a human being. I am thankful for that."

5.0 Review from S.R. Source: Google May 25 2021

"Advice was spot on."

5.0 Review from P.E. Source: Google May 25 2021

"Dr mathews knows what he is doing..."

5.0 Review from L.C. Source: Google May 25 2021

"He was very polite, informative and thorough."

5.0 Review from M.M. Source: Google May 25 2021

"Mr. Trinh was very knowledgeable and professional however more than that I felt he made every effort to understand the perplexing issue I'm facing. I appreciated his help."

5.0 Review from K.M. Source: Google May 25 2021

"Peter is a very thoughtful, professional and thorough doctor. He is a great listener and genuinely cares about his patients! I would recommend him to my family and friends for sure!"

5.0 Review from J.N. Source: Google May 25 2021

"I drive over 2 hours one way to TDDC Baylor. I always am treated very well, This Dr. is very personable, and also professional. I always look forward to my doctors visits when I go here to this location. Everyone there treat you like you're the only patient and I'm sure I'm not the only patient that feels this way."

4.0 Review from D.O. Source: Google May 25 2021

"Typically good care at TDDC. There is some question about interrupting a long successful medication regimen during a pandemic."

5.0 Review from W.G. Source: Google May 25 2020

"Dr. Fajardo and his staff are amazing. Highly recommend."

5.0 Review from M.C. Source: Google May 25 2018

"Love my Doctor at TDDC"