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The insertion of a feeding tube, or PEG or percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy, is a procedure during which a tube is positioned directly into the stomach. This tube creates a path for nutrition, fluids, and medication to enter one's stomach removing the need for passage through the esophagus or mouth. This procedure might be beneficial if an individual has difficulty swallowing or is unable to consume sufficient nutritional fulfillment orally. If you have subsequent questions relating to PEG in Texas, it is important to consult with a highly trained gastroenterologist. Please request a consultation at Texas Digestive Disease Consultants to learn more about this process.

PEG or feeding tube insertion is common for patients who find themselves unable to take in a substantial enough amount of nutrition orally, such as in the case of individuals who have a hard time swallowing. In some instances, a patient might only necessitate a feeding tube for a short period, while others will need a feeding tube for the duration of their lifetime. How long one needs a feeding tube depends upon the condition's cause. The tube will necessitate regular replacement to prevent deterioration or clogging. Depending on the reason, a person might not be permitted to consume food or liquid orally. If difficulty swallowing is the reason for tube placement, such as in the aftermath of a stroke, you will likely receive restrictions regarding oral consumption. Some patients requiring a feeding tube continue to be allowed to eat or drink following the procedure. It is imperative to converse about this with the cooperation of your Texas Digestive Disease Consultants gastroenterology specialist.

PEG (feeding tube insertion) is a commonly performed process, but, like any medical procedure, it can come with a few risks. Some risks can include pain around the tube insertion site, displacement of the feeding tube, and bleeding. Talk with your gastroenterologist regarding any questions or concerns you may have or any risks that may be of more consequence to you. Before having the feeding tube placed, it is imperative to discuss all the potential risks and benefits of this treatment with your Texas gastrointestinal specialist.

Feeding tube insertion can allow sustenance access into the body when taking food or drinking orally is not viable. If you require a feeding tube, you can ask questions of a skilled GI physician through the physicians at Texas Digestive Disease Consultants. As a physician-led group of GI specialists, Texas Digestive Disease Consultants strives to give patient-focused service beyond the general standard of care. Get in touch with one of our board-certified GI specialists if you have any other questions regarding feeding tube insertion in Texas or any other method for treating individuals with gastrointestinal tract problems.

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