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Fecal impaction, also referred to as intestinal obstruction, is a concern that arises if something obstructs the function of your large or small intestine. If you’ve noticed that you’re unable to have a bowel movement or let out gas and you have abdominal pain and bloating, a bowel obstruction may be the reason. When this condition happens, it is essential to seek care from a GI physician to safeguard your wellness. At Texas Digestive Disease Consultants, our experienced professionals commonly meet with people who experience fecal impaction. If you want more details on this problem or to obtain bowel obstruction treatment in Texas, we invite you to reach out to our team whenever you can.

The markers of a bowel obstruction often include abdominal discomfort and a swollen stomach. They might also include others, like:

  • Watery stool leaking from the rectum
  • Intense pain or discomfort in the abdomen
  • Bloated stomach
  • Feeling queasy or vomiting
  • Feeling like you need to push out stool
  • Pain in your head
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Feeling full or lack of appetite

Should you have any symptoms named here, speak with a digestive health physician at Texas Digestive Disease Consultants to obtain prompt care for your impacted bowel.

A bowel obstruction can either be a partial or total obstruction. It is vital to arrange an appointment as soon as you can if you're not able to solve the issue on your own with constipation relievers or store-bought remedies, as the obstruction could result in a serious concern if not treated in time.

Intervention for an intestinal blockage might vary. After uncovering the cause of the impacted bowel, the treatment can range from manual removal to rectal injection of fluid (water irrigation). Once you have this intervention, you can also employ proactive steps to stay away from a recurrence of an impaction. This process might involve having ample fiber and water intake and staying active frequently to help with digestion.

Treatment provided by our skilled Texas gastrointestinal specialists is simply an appointment away. Our team can guide you toward proper care.

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To obtain treatment for fecal impaction in Texas, we encourage you to give us a call. The physicians at Texas Digestive Disease Consultants can render the treatment you need to resume your ordinary life. Our board-certified gastroenterologists can allow you to get the treatment necessary to help ensure that your ailment won't give rise to a worse, more severe concern.

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