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Rectal, or anal, bleeding refers to the occurrence of bleeding that is discharged through your rectum. With anal bleeding, it is presumed to be fluid that occurs in your lower colon or anus, despite the fact that the rectum makes up the bottom part of the large intestine. This form of bleeding is often the color red but might often show up as a darker wine hue. It may be seen in the poop, after you wipe with toilet paper, or in the toilet bowl. If you’ve been experiencing anal bleeding, our GI experts at Texas Digestive Disease Consultants can help. Our providers can diagnose the concern and help offer a solution. Please request a consultation at a location near you today.

Bleeding from the rectum may occur due to a number of different problems. If you’ve experienced anal bleeding and are not sure of the reason, it is important that you get scheduled to meet with a GI doctor. A number of typical reasons for rectal bleeding are:

  • Diverticular disease (a bulging sac formed in the gastrointestinal wall)
  • Constipation
  • A rectal fissure (a little split in the lining of the anus)
  • Dry stools
  • Colon growths
  • Hemorrhoids

Our providers frequently help patients who experience anal bleeding in Texas, and will correctly uncover the cause of the bleeding. Our providers know how unpleasant this condition can be, but rest assured, we will do all we can to make sure a remedy is given as swiftly as we can.

Bleeding from the rectum can be approached in phases according to the condition. For blood loss caused by things such as a rectal cut or hemorrhoids, you might be given localized creams or a suppository. For more severe rectal bleeding, it is possible that you could need IV liquids or a blood transfusion for extreme bleeding. Nonetheless, it is important to request a consultation at Texas Digestive Disease Consultants so that you can receive the best treatment.

Find a treatment for rectal bleeding by requesting a consultation with one of our Texas providers today. Our experienced team of gastrointestinal doctors will suggest the solution needed in order to solve your gastrointestinal difficulties. Contact your local Texas Digestive Disease Consultants to get started.

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Great Dr and nurse!!

J.P. Google

He was awesome, but after finding out how much my colonoscopy is going to cost, even with my BCBS insurance unfortunately I can’t afford it & I know I need the procedure badly with rectal bleeding 😔

J.G. Google

Dr. Park and his staff are the very best! ALWAYS on time or even EARLY! Very professional and caring team. I highly recommend Dr.Park and his great team.

M.S. Google

Great experience

G.G. Google

I had a very good experience with Dr. Kepczyk and consider him to be a kind, considerate and empathetic doctor. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends or family.

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