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Bloating is a gastrointestinal (GI) symptom typically caused by the buildup of gas in one's digestive tract, or due to the retention of fluid. A knowledge of the causes of bloating can help you know what to do to stop the bloating. It is imperative to pay attention to the signals your body communicates to you and we urge you to notice and remember the times and circumstances during which you experience bloating. This can aid your understanding and possibly isolate what causes your bloating. If you need help determining the source of bloating and are in the Texas area, we can help. Connect with Texas Digestive Disease Consultants as soon as possible to meet with a GI provider near you to help you find relief from severe bloating.

Bloating can develop out of an array of conditions or other factors. Some common causes of bloating can involve:

  • Difficulty passing stool
  • Eating food that is difficult to digest
  • Eating fattening or rich foods
  • Gastroparesis
  • Eating too much
  • Swallowing air
  • Eating too quickly (satiety signals can take up to 20 minutes to reach the brain and signal fullness)
  • Gynecological conditions

If you are feeling bloated often, start by trying one or more of the recommendations provided by our Texas gastrointestinal specialists.

  • Exercise or take a walk
  • Avoid drinking with straws
  • Do not chew gum
  • Don’t smoke
  • Avoid carbonated drinks
  • Avoid foods with artificial sweeteners, specifically fructose or sorbitol
  • Slow down your rate of eating
  • Avoid prunes, carrots, apricots, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, lentils, and beans]
  • Avoid abruptly increasing the quantity of fiber you intake

If you are making an effort to avoid foods or habits that generally cause you to suffer from bloating yet continue to experience this symptom, it is important to connect with a gastrointestinal doctor at Texas Digestive Disease Consultants. Our providers in Texas can help you better understand and identify a diagnosis for your worries.

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Bloating is a problem commonly suffered by a great number of people and caused by a variety of things. But, if bloating bothers you with great frequency or fails to resolve, it could be an indication of an even more concerning health situation. You can receive help for bloating in Texas. To gain understanding of your symptoms and the ways in which you can alleviate them, contact Texas Digestive Disease Consultants to request a consultation with a provider near you. Our office can't wait for the opportunity to help you manage your bloating concerns.

Dr. Nguyen is great !!

M.M. Google

Dr. Gogia is very friendly and personable. He saw my nervousness and used a reference to a comedy TV show to make me feel better. When I told him I had very bad gas and bloating, he gave me a good diet plan to help my digestion. Not only that, he ordered a bunch of relevant blood tests to thoroughly check just in case there was a larger underlying problem. It turns out I had a much more severe and debilitating disease. Not the best news, but I am grateful that since my visit, I could go see the right specialist and get proper treatment. Dr. Gogia's staff of nurses and assistants are very friendly and helpful. I took one star off for the ladies who answer the phones to schedule appointments. They need to pay them more or hire more people or something. They are very rude, stressed out, and act like they don't want to talk to you, even when you are polite and respectful.

T.Y. Google

It’s uncomfortable to go through bloating for 2 years and no one figure out how to treat it or what’s wrong. After meeting Dr Mansour I’m on my way to a great feeling and recovery ❤️‍ awesome Dr who talks to you and not just give out medication. Great personality, listens and someone you can trust. Thank you Dr Lilah Mansour.

W.F. Google

I contacted Dr Elwariz when I was having severe abdominal pain and bloating. He saw me right away and did a thorough check and evaluation. Tests were run and he personally phoned me to discuss treatment and follow up. He explained in terms I could understand. I feel very confident that he will be able to help me heal. I would highly recommend him.

D.T. Google

At the ripe ol' age of 31, I had to have my first endoscopy and colonoscopy procedures due to an abnormal blood test result, and I was very apprehensive about the process. Dr. Kiker and his team, however, made it as pleasant as possible. I mean - who writes you a thank you note after your colonoscopy?! Well, Dr. Kiker's support staff did and it put a giant smile on my face after the Propofol wore off. Dr. Kiker has been kind, direct and informative as a health care provider, and I'm thrilled to be working with him as we investigate the cause of my bloating and inflammation. Seriously the best, I feel very much taken care of *and* taken seriously!

C.W. Google


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