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A gastrointestinal symptom, constipation is generally described as having fewer than three bowel movements in a week. It occurs when the stool becomes too dry and hard. Stool might become dry if it passes too slowly through the gastrointestinal system or stays in the large bowel for longer than normal. Should you experience fewer than three bowel movements over the course of one week, we encourage you to visit a gastrointestinal specialist at Texas Digestive Disease Consultants. Reach out to our gastroenterology team to request a consultation at your nearest Texas location today.

There might be factors behind why stool would move slower than normal through your large intestine. Some causes of constipation include:

  • Nerve damage around the rectum or colon
  • Colorectal cancer
  • A bowel blockage
  • Rectum bulge through the back wall of the vagina
  • Rectal cancer
  • Colon stricture
  • Anal fissure

Adopting healthy habits into your lifestyle can help alleviate problems with constipation. Several healthy habits to incorporate into your daily life to help you minimize the chance of constipation involve:

  • Drinking more water
  • Avoiding dairy
  • Taking prebiotics and probiotics
  • Consuming more dietary fiber
  • Regular exercise

Some over-the-counter medications are a helpful solution to constipation, however, we advise consulting with one of our Texas providers first since constipation can sometimes be a symptom of a more concerning condition.

When you are needing to increase the amount of fiber in your diet, the foods listed below could be helpful:

  • Cooked zucchini
  • Cooked black-eyed peas
  • Kidney beans, lima beans
  • Whole-grain cereal, hot oatmeal, cold All-Bran, Total Bran Flakes
  • Acorn squash, raw broccoli, raw Brussels sprouts, raw cabbage, raw carrots, raw cauliflower, raw spinach
  • Wheatena®, seven-grain bread, whole-wheat bread
  • Apples, peaches, raspberries, tangerines

For more in-depth information about altering your dietary habits, contact Texas Digestive Disease Consultants to request a consultation with one of our licensed dietitians in Texas.

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The majority of people deal with constipation at some point during their lives. However, persistent constipation could be indicative of something far more serious. If you have been dealing with constipation more frequently, we urge you to meet with a GI provider as soon as you can. In addition to being able to diagnose and help manage digestive conditions, the GI experts at Texas Digestive Disease Consultants can screen for more concerning issues. To get help for constipation in Texas, please request a consultation at your nearest location today.

Dr. Mehta is a VERY KIND, COMPASSIONATE AND TALENTED SURGEON. I suffer severe back nerve pain and require powerful pain medications resulting in strong constipation. Unable to clean out my intestine. Dr Mehta able to clean me out while admitted. Having to cancel previous Colonoscopies due to the "above" ... I was so distraught forced to endure another prep session can you imagine my relief to put this surgery behind me. To the good doctor and staff )so compassionate and helpful ... THANK YOU ALL!

G.C. Google

Manisha is excellent doctor She has great knowledge and understood my kids constipation problem very well.

P.C. Google

This Dr. actually listens to her patient. Colonoscopy was scheduled and performed quickly. Next we conquer Constipation!

S.M. Google

Called for constipation and some minor abdominal pain (as expected with things not flowing) after a fall on my back onto concrete about 10 days earlier. The doctor I attempted to get an appointment with was a month out but was able to see Dr. Mehta later the same day. I was actually seen at my appointment time which is always nice. Dr. Mehta was very thorough and was more concerned than I was (which really pleased my wife). Rather than dismiss my lack of drama to everything, he ordered a CT Scan (an x-ray had already been done by the Ortho Doctor the week before showing no fractures) and told me he wanted is as soon as possible based in the events, some palpation of my abdomen and mild discomfort while he pressed on my stomach. The CT place scheduled me for the next day, late morning waiting for insurance approval. Dr. Mehta's office called me within 30 minutes of completing the CT scan with the results! While the CT Scan was negative for what he was looking for, it caught a lumbar fracture not seen on the x-ray a week earlier. Dr. Mehta has already scheduled the next procedure to find the reason for my symptoms or rule out the next possible reasons. So far, GREAT doctor and staff.

M.M. Google

Doctor Kahl has a great chairside manner. He spent close to 45 mins ?!?!? Handwriting notes for me and explaining as necessary the plans to help me feel better after a solid yr of constipation nausea vomiting......I'm excited! I think he can help me!

T.S. Google


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